Anthony Davenport

Today’s note is for Anthony and his adorable bundle of love, Quinn. And, as it turns out, I happened to finish this portrait on Quinn’s birthday–what serendipity!

Anthony’s quote really made me smile in it’s simplicity and it’s concrete connotations;  “Let’s cut through the romantic bullshit and talk about what it really means to be in a relationship.” Anthony also happens to be a very dutiful father, and I requested to include Quinn because I felt it added a new dimension and emotional weight to the combination of image and quotation. I wanted to honor his masculinity and minimalism with a more basic mandala design, but also play with archetypes by alluding to the traditional image of Madonna and child.


Anthony Davenport, age 34, single


Honorable and committed.


To learn more about this project, please visit the current projects page. 


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