Elysabeth and Marc

I’m on a roll this week! Just finished Elysabeth and Marc’s portrait today, and apparently just in time for the ten year anniversary of their first date! Group sigh for these cuties.

“Awwwwww.” 🙂

For these two, I really wanted to play with contrast and striking color, but I struggled with knowing where to place the mandala form. I knew I wanted it centered around a point of contact, either near her hand or by his lips on her cheek. Ultimately, the kiss and her expression were too good to pass up.

The image is essentially made of two hand rendered layers, combined and manipulated digitally. The multicolored pattern is actually derivative from the background for Romona’s portrait. I kept the mandala’s design delicate and with a sense of transparency because I did not want it to overwhelm the subjects. I wanted the tenderness of their kiss to keep center stage.


Elysabeth Reichman, Age 33, Married


“Ideally, a relationship is working together but knowing how to be apart. It’s wanting your partner to give you butterflies on a daily basis, but knowing they can keep you grounded when things are hard. That they can wrap their arms around you and convey love and strength and comfort, without you having to ask.”


Marc Reichman, Age 35, Married


“To me, the ideal relationship is a great combination of unconditional  love–often unspoken but always known, and function–listening, balance, respect and civility. With those foundations everything else plays out naturally.”


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