Brittany Marie Montoya

The Ideal Relationship Project is a Kickstarter aiming to create  100 portraits, and collect individuals’ ideas about what makes an ideal relationship, into a self published book. Click here for a portrait and to participate in our Kickstarter Project!

The following is a process note for Brittany Marie Montoya.

My inspiration for Brittany’s portrait was based on the photo she submitted. When I saw her image, I immediately perceived it as her aura, which would connote spiritual freedom. I chose a Mehndi mandala design, associated with transformation and transcendence. My aim was to depict a feminine image of serenity and balance.

Thank you for your participation, Brittany!

Subject: Brittany Marie Montoya, Age 34, Married


My ideal relationship is one with a lot of grace and forgiveness. I can be a very difficult and frustrating person to love most days.

Process Pictures:


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