Postcard Options for Kickstarter Backers

Welcome Kickstarter Backers!

If you have landed on this page, then you clicked the link to help me decide which portraits should make it to the top 10 for postcard printing and distribution.Please note, the final postcards will NOT have the text on the front with the image. It will be printed on the back of the card. 

To make your selections:

  1. Scroll over/select the images you like, and make note of the subjects’ names.
  2. Send me the names by replying through the update email on Kickstarter, or through the contact page on this website. (You can also comment publicly on either of those platforms, if you like, but it helps me keep track of your votes if you email me.)
  3. Be sure you select 10 names, regardless of your pledge amount. (This is like a presidential primary vote. The election isn’t until I send the survey asking for you to choose your final reward.)

Please don’t feel excluded if your portrait is not among this selection. These were chosen based on ease of reproduction. 


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