Rave Reviews

Wow! So it’s been a while since I have posted on our blog, and what updates to share! I finally finished the book, got it printed and sent it out (a full three months ahead of schedule,I might add).

   Already the recipients are showing their love on Facebook!

 I just died at how cute my niece’s reaction was to the final book for The Ideal Relationship Project. What a warm and accomplished feeling!

So much love and gratitude to all those loving, altruistic supporters out there. It couldn’t have come together without you!

Also, if you missed the boat. You can still have a portrait done by contacting me through my Etsy shop, “Loves Possibilities.”



Process Video: Michelledana Shafran

Michelledana Shafran, 39 years old, Single

My ideal relationship involves my being able to be my fullest self which is merely enhanced by my partner’s presence. Mutual love, care, respect, laughter, honesty, and gratitude will foster deep connection and togetherness between us.

Process Video: Michael Curry

Michael Curry, 50 years old, Engaged

Someone I’m comfortable with on all levels who has confidence and trust, and appreciates my humor. We just ‘get’ each other physically and mentally, so when I say, ‘My better half,’ I mean it.