Process Video: Laurel Hopkins Larson

Subject: Laurel Hopkins Larson, Age 33 , Married


My ideal relationship (lucky to be in it) is a balance of humor, friendship, passion, honestly and mutual respect. Without those elements we crumble.

Process Pictures:


Kickstarter Campaign: Day 3, Background Breakdown

A big thanks to our backers and their pledges for today!

I thought I’d update you on the progress of our “Big Work,” as I’ve created the background image and mandala for the next upcoming portrait.

Knowing the subject personally, I wanted to create something that spoke to our connection as art therapists, and that was more organic in nature–less structured or rigidly balanced. The following is the line drawing I came up with.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, my son and I created some colorful pieces to work into the background as well, which I then incorporated digitally.

After that, I messed with a few filters until I got it to where I wanted it.

In this instance, the mandala form–inspired by Winnicot’s squiggle drawings–is centered where the two bird-like forms seem to be kissing, and a few fishy figures swim. This is an allusion to the subject’s impending motherhood, as well as a reference to a discussion she and I had regarding childbirth, a few years ago. (As she described over the phone a dream about a fish, I smiled and stared at the fish I had painted and hung above my son’s crib, soon after he was born).

Next, I will add in the sketch of her face and complete a process video.

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