Process Video: Mitch Turck

Subject: Mitch Turck, Age 33, In A Relationship


All relationships should be ideal. People who challenge you, admire you, communicate openly, and see beauty in you make for great relationships. People who do that and hope for you to find more like them are ideal.

Process Pictures:


Quick Quotes Campaign: Naraly Nicte, Mitch Turck, Nathaniel Knows, and Yesbelt Fernendez

To support fund raising for The Ideal Relationship Project’s Kickstarter campaign, I have decided to start a “Quick Quotes Campaign,” which consists of developing 15 second short videos of the portrait making process, and the subject’s audio and/or audiovisual feedback, if available. These have been pretty popular on Instagram.

Please check out a few of the videos below, and be sure to follow our blog and/or back our Kickstarter for more updates. There is plenty of fun stuff to come!