Julie and Steve

The following is a process note for Julie and Steve Gissin. Based on both their quotes, I got a very warm, contented feeling for their relationship. I get the sense that these two fit like a glove and I wanted the image to reflect that.

I used warmer colors with muted tones to make the image feel intimate; like an interior space. The lighting and drop shadow were also included to add drama, visual interest, and further promote a sense of privacy. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn one knows what the other is thinking before he or she actually says it!

Subject: Julie Gissin, age 48, married


When you like who a person is so much that you feel honored to be by their side, helping each other along on this ride we call life. The right person brings an inner contented calm into your life.

Subject: Steve Gissin, age 44, Married


Being in a loud, crowded room and looking into each other’s eyes from a distance…and just knowing what the other person is thinking, and that this is the only person on the planet I want to be with.

Process Photos: