Quick Quotes Campaign: Naraly Nicte, Mitch Turck, Nathaniel Knows, and Yesbelt Fernendez

To support fund raising for The Ideal Relationship Project’s Kickstarter campaign, I have decided to start a “Quick Quotes Campaign,” which consists of developing 15 second short videos of the portrait making process, and the subject’s audio and/or audiovisual feedback, if available. These have been pretty popular on Instagram.

Please check out a few of the videos below, and be sure to follow our blog and/or back our Kickstarter for more updates. There is plenty of fun stuff to come!





Nathaniel Knows

The Ideal Relationship Project is a Kickstarter aiming to collect  100 portraits, and individuals’ ideas about what makes an ideal relationship, into a self published book.

The following is a process note for Nathaniel Knows.

Knowing Nathaniel personally, I’d say, while he has an outgoing persona and profession, there is a somewhat insatiable, darker layer to him. I tried to portray this through the aesthetic of his image, using darker colors, handwritten text, and somewhat ambiguous allusions in the composition of the piece. He has an irreverent, alternative style and I aimed to honor that.

Thank you for participating, Nathaniel!

Subject: Nathaniel Knows, age 31, Single


The ideal relationship should be built on trust and communication. But the most important thing is to have fun and be happy.