Quick Quotes Campaign: Naraly Nicte, Mitch Turck, Nathaniel Knows, and Yesbelt Fernendez

To support fund raising for The Ideal Relationship Project’s Kickstarter campaign, I have decided to start a “Quick Quotes Campaign,” which consists of developing 15 second short videos of the portrait making process, and the subject’s audio and/or audiovisual feedback, if available. These have been pretty popular on Instagram.

Please check out a few of the videos below, and be sure to follow our blog and/or back our Kickstarter for more updates. There is plenty of fun stuff to come!





Day 6: A Sense of Completion

Recently Completed Portrait

I recently completed Laurel’s portrait. To see more about the process check out past updates and our blog. A process video is coming soon.

 Recently Completed Process Video

Yesbelt’s portrait was completed a week ago, but her process video has just gone up on our blog and YouTube. To watch more process videos, click here.

Yesbelt’s final portrait:


Yesbelt Fernendez

The Ideal Relationship Project is a Kickstarter aiming to create 100 portraits, and collect individuals’ ideas about what makes an ideal relationship, into a self published book. Click here for a portrait and to participate in our Kickstarter Project!

The following is a process note for Yesbelt Fernendez.

Yesbelt’s portrait popped up when I just happened to be  looking to do something a little different stylistically. I did a little research and found some amazing batik patterns that heavily influenced my choice of color and it’s application. The Mandala, I created as a line drawing first. The colors and patterns were created as separate documents, as well. Then I scanned the separate elements into the computer, and manipulated their assembly, digitally. My aim was to create a fun and energetic piece, to match Yesbelt’s open and engaging expression.

Thank you for participating, Yesbelt!

Subject: Yesbelt Fernendez, Age 35, Single


My ideal relationship is one that brings out our best self while keeping us young at heart by having fun together. It is built on a foundation of respect, loyalty, and honesty.

Process Pictures: